ktion of Preveza is the nearest airport in parga. Aktion Airport is 65km. away from Parga and takes about 45 minutes by bus or car.

It is also possible to get to Parga from the airport of Corfu and Ioannina. If you choose to fly via Corfu, you must take ferryboat to Igoumenitsa and then by bus or car to get to Parga. If you decide to fly to Ioannina, you will need a car, taxi or bus for your transfer to Parga. It takes 1 hour by car or a bit more if you choose to travel by bus.

The trip to and from Igoumenitsa - Parga will take about 40 minutes by car or a bit more if you travel by bus. Also, there are many bus connections from Thessaloniki and Athens and the roads are quite safe. The trip from Athens to Parga takes about 6 hours.

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