At the foot of Pindos, in the pine forests and olive groves, Parga offers the Greek tradition in an environment of natural beauty. The picturesque village is located south of Corfu and opposite the emerald islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. Built in an amphitheater style, Parga is ruled by an impressive 14th century Venetian castle and together with the island of Panagia give Parga a special look.

You can sit in one of the many taverns on the beach and wander around the numerous small shops with creations from local handicrafts. Parga offers a variety of beaches with crystal clear waters. For those looking for something more than a beach holiday the area is literally immersed in history and mythology. Parga can offer you anything you dream of around a vacation.

The nearest airport to Parga is located in Aktio, Preveza. Aktio Airport is 65 km away. away from Parga and it takes about 45 minutes by bus or car to transfer from it to the city of Parga to it.

It is also possible to come to Parga via the airport of Corfu or Ioannina. If you choose to fly through Corfu, you must first take the ferry from or to Igoumenitsa and then by bus or car to reach Parga.

In case you decide to fly to or from Ioannina, then you will need a car, taxi or bus for your transfer to or from Parga. It will take you 1 hour by car or a little more if you choose to travel by bus.

The trip to and from Igoumenitsa – Parga will take you about 40 seven by car or a little more if you travel by bus. There are also many bus connections from Thessaloniki and Athens and the road network is quite safe. The journey from Athens to Parga takes about 6 hours.